Downloads and detailed instructions for starting the game.


Download our client from one the links below. We highly recommend that you do so in order to avoid errors or connection issues. However, a modern Crusaders client will suffice.

Drive A Drive B Drive C Drive D Drive E

Drive F Fex Yandex Torrent


After installing the client, extract it to an empty folder. After you do so, download our patch and extract the contents to the corresponding folders in your client. You can change languages using the launcher.

Google (EN) Mediafire (EN) Mega (EN) Yandex (EN)


We highly recommend that you install our launcher as well, in order to avoid downloading patches and files all the time! All you have to do is unzip the launcher in the main directory of your game client and run it. The launcher will scan your client files and update them accordingly. The launcher also supports auto login (enter your game/password).

Troubleshooting: If you have an error, make sure to CLOSE ALL INSTANCES OF L2.EXE and install the .NET Framework. You can also log in through /SystemTalkingIsland/L2.exe manually. If the issues persist, please contact our staff member on Discord.

Download .NET Framework


In order to play on Talking Island, you must first register a master account. After you have created your master account, you need to create your game account. Your master account will be used to hold all your game accounts. Remember your account details and have fun!

Note: By playing on our server (registering, downloading and installing, you are in agreement with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We are an emulator and are in no way affiliated with NCSoft or Innova or NCWest. We are a fan-made project with a lot of heart put into it.) If you do not agree with these conditions then do not play on our server.



In order to keep up with the latest updates and communicate with our community, join our Discord server! You will be able to contact staff and other members alike.

Join Discord


For those experiencing this error from Active Anticheat, we recommend you to install Cloudflare's WARP. This is most likely caused by a connection problem from your internet provider to our server's protection. Please contact our staff over Discord for assistance.

Cloudflare VPN WARP